Many brands want to convey speed, but how do you show it in a new, sophisticated way?

Acceleration: A central theme to unite Ciena’s events

Ciena approached us to transform their events into a celebration of speed. But speed is a noun, not a verb, so we adapted and elevated speed into the central theme of Accelerate.

The concept draws inspiration from the poised angle of sprinters at the starting block, the sleek lean of racing motorcycles, and the dynamic angles of jet turbines, employing speed ramps and calculated cuts to reveal and conceal their presence. The design system uses an 18° angle that brings speed to life. This angle can crop letterforms, frame images and create sophisticated patterns. The outcome is a simple, graphic device that unifies every touchpoint from signage to the main stage.


Creative direction and overall strategy: Joe and Leslie Stitzlein
Design team: Ken Frederick, Gary Williams, Brent Clouse
Copywriting: Joe Stitzlein
Executive portrait photography: Peter Yang

Design Toolkit
Entryway Graphic Wayfinding Examples
Ciena Banner Example Posters of executives
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