Employee groups need to communicate their unique culture, but brands need to create consistency.

How do you create a system that balances the cultures of internal employee groups, while maintaining the cohesion of the overall Ciena brand?

The people at Ciena have a passion for making a meaningful difference in the communities where they live and work. Ciena’s cultural branding was well established, but inconsistent. Ciena Cares used gradations which made reduction and reproduction difficult, the various ERG identities lacked cohesion, and the People Promise symbol was overly complex.

Ciena ERG, Cares and PP Tree


Striking the right balance for community and cohesion at Ciena.

Bringing consistency through the Mosaic system

The Ciena corporate initiatives, including the ERGs, Ciena Cares as well as the People Promise, have all been redesigned to align with Ciena’s new Mosaic design system. Each of these have been modernized and crafted for optimal legibility in both digital and print. They have been completely redrawn with more consistency and refinement to serve as ambassadors for the care and consideration of the Ciena brand.

Bringing culture to life

Color is used as an intuitive visual cue to bring the unique culture of each ERG to life. For example, the Black at Ciena ERG Symbol color palette is inspired by the iconic 4-color palette of the Pan-African flag. The Latinx at Ciena ERG Symbol color palette is inspired by the architecture and textiles found in Spain and the Americas.


Creative direction and brand strategy: Joe and Leslie Stitzlein
esign team: Joe Stitzlein, Fredrik Averin, Jose Manual Vega, Cindy Ondrick
Project manager: Asya Palatova

Ciena ERG posters
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