A cleaner future requires a fundamentally new approach to transportation.

Beijing spends almost 3 billion dollars every year to alleviate air pollution. The air and water quality is so low people live with multiple air filters and are afraid to drink their tap water.

Against this backdrop, Faraday Future was born. The vision was to build a new car that would actively clean the air with every mile it’s driven. These cars would be built around the requirements of ride sharing services. They would be built as autonomous vehicles from the ground up.

Faraday Future needed a brand strategy and roadmap to guide them as they prepared for the launch of their first automobile.

Logo and pattern


We move humanity forward.

Working alongside SY Partners, Rule No. 1 and Golden, we developed the brand strategy and brand experience for Faraday. We established their brand mission “We move humanity forward” as a platform that would give them the ability to define transportation more broadly than just cars, giving them the ability to define mass transportation and even urban planning.


To bring their brand strategy to life, we developed a series of iconic experiences to demonstrate the power of their mission. 

We created a “brand roadmap” of experiences, from a revolutionary app-based retail experience that took customers on a scavenger hunt, to a factory experience that would be a destination for customers.

Faraday Future brand values