Surprisingly, consumer research often lacks humanity.

Every company knows that the closer they get to people, the better their products and services become. However, great consumer research can be a huge investment in terms of both budgets and time. And few companies have the resources to dedicate to research.

Fiddle came to us to develop a new name and identity that reflected their innovative method of gathering consumer feedback and insights through mobile phones, allowing more companies to get closer to their audience.

Fiddle's brand mission


Research for everyone

Strangely, the consumer research industry looks and communicates in very robotic ways. Stock photography, icons and unemotional copywriting tend to be the norm in an industry that should be all about human inspiration.

We wanted to bring humanity, delight and intelligence to the brand system for Fiddle.

The resulting identity and design system is colorful, fun and soulful. A welcome change from the focus on process and technology typically found in the consumer research industry.

The name itself embodies this spirit. To Fiddle is to play, explore and experiment with intent. The design strategy is a mosaic of parts and pieces that add up to a delightful, colorful system.

Naming: Anthony Shore

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