Life Time needed a brand system that matched the quality of their experience.

Life Time is a highly successful network of fitness, work and residential destinations. They deliver a premium experience for their members, but they lacked a brand identity and design system that appealed to their affluent audience.

As they evolve their business beyond a fitness experience into a health brand where you can exercise, live and work, their current look and feel also needed to evolve and expand beyond a traditional fitness brand.

We were approached by the creative team at Life Time to reimagine their design system for all marketing channels, as well as apparel.


Healthy Happens Here

We worked with Life Time to develop a contemporary and digital design system featuring a refined wordmark, a moving brand pattern and compelling photography to align them with their peer brands; with a focus on luxury, technology and elegant simplicity. 

The patterns move and change depending on the context in which they appear, and can be cropped in dynamic ways.

The identity system is responsive, elegantly reducing from the full wordmark on the facade of a gym entrance to a simple LT on social media. The palette of silvers gives the brand a feeling of sophistication, while standing out from their colorful competitors.

Photography: Marcus Swanson

Street posters Shirt design
Tag design Tights
Logo on hat
Branded tape Flip flops