Type design

A custom font can be the glue for your entire brand; from product to marketing.

Custom typefaces are a powerful way to create a unique voice for brands across both marketing as well as product. We are specialists in the design of logotypes as well as custom typefaces.

We’ve designed custom fonts in every major writing system in the world; including Latin, Pan-African, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. 

Our typefaces have been recognized in many prestigious competitions and publications including the Type Directors Club, the AIGA Archives, D&AD and the 365 Typography Calendar.

The following are a few examples of custom typefaces we’ve designed for corporate commissions, as well as typefaces we’ve designed for sale. Many of our projects are confidential. Contact us for detailed case studies for well known brands and products.

Telge Sans

A custom typeface that is friendly, well-crafted and thoroughly Scandinavian. Designed in collaboration with Essen International.

Telge posters
Telge typeface phrase
Telge Typesetting
Telge alphabet overview
Telge brochure covers
Telge mobile screens
Telge collateral

Hamster Display

Inspired by the two-tone coloration of everyone’s favorite pet, Hamster is a fun color typeface that is variable, layered and comes in 9 palettes. Available to purchase from Fontwerk.

Hamster type sample
Hamster type sample
Hamster bag

Rangers FC

Custom typefaces for a football icon, designed in collaboration with Craig Black Design.

Rangers FC kit
Rangers FC Caps
Rangers FC Stadium
Rangers FC numerals
Custom font various languages
Letterforms from custom font
Hebrew font
Greek font
Thai font
Arabic font

Kinetic typography

Type built with code and datasets, for a variety of clients and exhibits.

Cloudera Display

A typeface designed for the data age.

Cloudera display
Hallway Detail of the custom font we designed

ITC Tactile

A typeface designed for optimal legibility. Winner of the TDC Typeface Design Competition.

Tactile showcase
Tactile detail
Tactile showcase
Tactile detail Tactile detail


A typeface designed for a creative technology icon. Winner of a D&AD Pencil Award.

SGI showcase
SGI sample
SGI sample


An electrifying typeface for Sempra Energy.

Sempra showcase
Sempra sample
Sempra font sample