Type design

The entire universe can be described in 26 letters.

The design of typefaces [“fonts”] is a powerful way to create a unique voice for brands, across both marketing as well as product. We are specialists in the design of logotypes as well as custom typefaces.

The following are a few examples of custom typefaces we’ve designed for brands, as well as typefaces we’ve designed for sale.

Cloudera Display

A typeface designed for the data age.

Cloudera display
Hallway Detail of the custom font we designed

ITC Tactile

A typeface designed for optimal legibility.

Tactile showcase
Tactile detail
Tactile showcase
Tactile detail Tactile detail


A typeface designed for a creative technology icon.

SGI showcase
SGI sample
SGI sample


An electrifying typeface for Sempra Energy.

Sempra showcase
Sempra sample
Sempra font sample