Hamster Color Typeface

Cutting edge font technology meets unbridled joy in our new color variable font, available from our friends at Fontwerk.

Hamster is an all caps display typeface inspired by the two-tone coats of hamsters. The construction of the letterforms follows the tubular “habitrails” in which the cute namesakes live in many households. The six weights from Thin to ExtraBlack each contain five hamster characters, as well as 19 decorative ornaments. The dingbats that lock together to form patterns are elegant and fun, and can be used as wallpapers or in architecture.

We wanted Hamster to be a celebration of joy and delight, which is why it’s available in eight fixed combinations, some colorful and playful, some subtle and elegant. A non-color font and traditionally usable variant rounds off the palette. In total, ten variable fonts and 60 static fonts are available as a complete package for the price of three individual styles.

To purchase Hamster or download free trial fonts, visit our friends at Fontwerk.

Fontwerk’s Hamster Campaign Site

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Hamster introduction
Large type display
Large type display
Large type display
Wild postings mockup
S pattern Y pattern
Hamster Weights and Hamster Photos
Hamster bag Hamster Hoodie
Hamster T-shirt
Hamster mural mockup
Hamster wallpaper pink Hamster wallpaper green
Hamster wallpaper
Large type display

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To purchase Hamster or to download a free trial version, please visit the Fontwerk Hamster page.

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