Meta’s fintech wallet needed a global font that would create an elegant and consistent product experience for billions of users.

Meta’s design leadership team came to us to build a team that would develop a global font for their new digital currency wallet, Novi. The challenge was that slower 3G networks in developing countries limit app size, requiring a very small font file. No existing global typeface has a complete currency set that could support all of the currencies around the world.

Working over the course of 18 months, we led a multinational team of type designers and font engineers to develop a custom sans serif for over 7 billion users.

Features: 1 typeface, 8 alphabets, 14 months, 800 weights, 1,700+ languages, 17,000 glyphs, 7.7 billion users.

Novi Custom Font Metrics
Novi Font Color Gradation
Novi Font Currencies
Novi Font Key Glyphs
Novi Font Map
Anatomy of the Novi font
Novi Font Languages
Novi Font Thai
Novi Font Hebrew
Novi Font Greek
Novi Font Devanagari
Novi Font Arabic