Google’s growing family of devices was, well, not a family at all.

Google had a growing family of devices, from Nest thermostats, to Nexus phones and Chromecast media players. However, none of these devices interacted with each other in a meaningful way, nor did they look like they were designed by the same company [because they weren’t]. They were previously sold on a tab within the Play store, a place to buy low cost games and apps.

Our mission was to create a beautiful, unified experience that would elevate the growing hardware family of Google devices, and demonstrate the power of Google’s services like Search, Maps and Android.

Google Store product evolution


A beautiful, unified destination for Google and OEM hardware.

We created a cohesive retail platform for Google’s devices through an all-new experience. The Google Store features consistent photography, a voice that clearly stated the benefits of each device, and a holistic UX experience that was as simple, delightful and elegant as Google Search.

Team: Google Brand Studio, Nurun, Instrument


Daily visits increased by a factor of 3x compared to the Play Store, and the store enjoyed a 3x increase in transactions
 and annual revenue.

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Nexus Tablets Nautilus image
Nexus Tablets Nexus phone
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