Institutional investment in cryptocurrency is held back by a lack of trust.

At its most fundamental level, capitalism simply doesn’t work without trust. Currencies have value because we all agree that they do. Pragmatically, cryptocurrencies lack a regulated custodian where endowments and institutional investors can safely store their blockchain assets. This the role of Anchorage; to be the most advanced and safest storage solution for crypto assets.

Anchorage asked us to create an identity that embodied safety and trust in the new marketplace of crypto assets.

Overview of our identity system for Anchorage


An intelligent, interactive identity that serves your needs.

What if an identity could help give you peace of mind and build trust?

We developed a brand identity, design system, website and go-to-market materials that balances the financial acumen of East Coast finance, with the innovation and technical savvy of the Valley.

The code-based identity is designed to work with the client at every key moment, from authenticating transactions to monitoring account activity.

The result is an elegant, thoroughly digital brand entrusted by institutions to safely enable them to invest in the new world of blockchain assets.

Welcome to the Custodians for a New Era of Capital.

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