A home is a long term investment in the way that you aspire to live.

Fergus Garber Architects, also known as FGA, is a full-service architectural firm providing a high level of attention, management and environmental stewardship to residential clients that have a long term interest in their property.

FGA has designed many iconic custom homes across the Bay Area in a wide range of styles. Their founders are not only talented architects but are influential in community planning. Their personal warmth is well known, and they work like a family.

Their clients value their ability to understand them and collaborate on homes that are not only beautiful, but also designed to fit their lifestyles. The essential qualities of good architecture are strong plans, good proportions, and high attention to detail are the foundation of FGA’s work.

Last year, FGA approached us to design a brand that would match the excellence of the homes they design.

FGA Brand Overview


Love where you live, play and work.

We worked with FGA’s founders to create a comprehensive brand system and marketing communications strategy. Their homes are a balance of warmth and refinement, and the system we created captures this balance.

Inspired by California

The system we designed for FGA is based on an iconic yellow that captures the warmth and optimism of their approach to client relationships. The color palette unifies all communications for FGA, and can be dialed up and down, from bold fields to isolated details.

Highly crafted identity

We designed an obsessively crafted logotype that captures the timeless detailing and creativity of their homes. Elegant yet minimal, the letterforms of the logotype boil the brand down to its absolute essence.

Brand system

We captured the soul and craft of FGA’s homes through expressive layouts, delightful home photography, and a voice that celebrates the iconic Bay Area communities where FGA homes live.

Photography and film

We worked closely with Rhythm Visuals to film FGA’s Buffalo Valley home, setting a standard for video storytelling on their website. Stitzlein Studio also photographed Buffalo Valley to set a standard for celebrating the details in FGA’s work.

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