Hydrogen fuel cells will power the next generation of sustainable aircraft, and H2FLY is the global leader in hydrogen flight.

Nearly half of all flights are shorter than 1,000km. To decarbonize these flights, hydrogen fuel cell companies like H2FLY are pioneering a new generation of sustainable, clean hydrogen-powered aircraft.

H2FLY was founded by a strong team of engineers and backed by a broad network to take their research and experience to the next level and drive emission-free flying, powered by hydrogen.​ H2FLY’s HY4 is the first hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft to exceed the 7,000-foot altitude limit.

H2FLY 9up


Welcome to the age of hydrogen flight, where the only emission is a flight path made of water.

Fly Forward: An inspiring brand manifesto

We wrote a powerful manifesto and inspiring symbol that emphasized forward motion, with a clean and beautiful design system that brought a powerful idea to life: Hydrogen-powered aircraft leave a flight path of clean water.

Welcome to the age of hydrogen flight. Where flying is nearly silent and incredibly comfortable. Where visiting your loved ones no longer harms the environment. Where the only emission is clean, life-giving water.

A flexible and expressive identity system

Sustainable branding typically feels soft and gentle. H2FLY wanted to stand out from this typical approach with a bold, highly structured brand system that feels courageous, trusted and aspirational. The result is a system that is clean, supremely organized and epic.

Design principles behind the H2FLY identity system

Aerodynamic: The feeling and look of speed, even in still form.

Propulsion: The inspiration and emotion that comes from pushing forward towards a cleaner future. The rush that comes with having momentum as a team.

Structure: The feeling of high quality that comes from clean and well-organized design. This evokes a sense of trust and excellence in engineering that comes from careful consideration and craft.


Creative direction and brand strategy: Joe and Leslie Stitzlein
Graphic Design: Sérgio Fonseca, Joe Stitzlein, Gaston Yagmourian

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